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Embark on a transformative journey with Vertiq, a boutique marketing agency co-founded by Chelsea Carter and Namaudi Harley. Inspired by their unique upbringings and strong family ties, Vertiq is a dynamic force redefining the marketing landscape through creativity and innovation. United by a passion for brand elevation and timeless events, Chelsea and Namaudi infuse family values and fun into their ascent towards industry recognition. What sets Vertiq apart is their secret sauce – resourcefulness. Drawing from personal networks, they skillfully forge unique partnerships that push the boundaries of traditional marketing.

At Vertiq, staying ahead is a lifestyle rooted in cultural trends and family ethos. They don't just follow trends; they influence and shape the industry. Every campaign and event is crafted with meticulous care, making Vertiq a commitment to elevate brands and curate impactful experiences. Join their ascent, where each step is a celebration of creativity, culture, and values. Experience the Vertiq journey, where innovation meets celebration on the path to unparalleled success.

The Vibe Visionaries

Namaudi Harley

Maudi Harley, the Chief Creative Visionary at Vertiq, draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences. Rooted in a creative upbringing, Maudi's mom instilled in her a love for film and writing. Maudi learned early on the importance of leading with creativity and storytelling. Influenced by her talented siblings and her immersive film school experience, she honed her skills, seamlessly infusing creativity into execution. Co-founding Vertiq with inspiration from her Dad, a former D1 Basketball player turned seasoned entrepreneur, Maudi specializes in social media management, design, and storytelling through unique brand events and content.

Beyond her extraordinary path, Maudi's energy for brand partnerships and marketing shines through. She is a pivotal force in crafting captivating narratives within the bustling Los Angeles event scene. Influenced by a blend of familial guidance and professional experiences, Maudi emerges as an influential figure dedicated to pushing boundaries and setting new standards for creative storytelling and brand elevation. Her commitment extends beyond the ordinary, as she strives to create a lasting impact in the industry by pushing boundaries and setting new standards for creative storytelling and brand elevation.


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Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter, the Chief Brand Architect at Vertiq, is a dynamic individual shaped by a unique upbringing. Raised by her grandparents, she learned valuable lessons from her papaw, a military veteran and electrician, who instilled in her the significance of details and a strong work ethic. Chelsea's papaw, a natural analytical creative, introduced her to power of creativity and technology, teaching Adobe Photoshop at just 4 years old. Learning on her papaw's lap marked her first encounter with a computer, leading her to specialize in website design, development, business strategy and influencer content at Vertiq.


Chelsea's grandparents played distinct roles in shaping her character. While her papaw fueled her creative and technological pursuits, her granny contributed to her moral compass. Emphasizing faith and a commitment to community, Chelsea's granny inspired her to embrace entrepreneurship as a means to empower others. With over a decade of experience in marketing and events, Chelsea has worked with top professional sports teams, sports lifestyle brands, and spirit + wine brands. Her mission in the co-founding of Vertiq is to empower communities, create memorable moments, and build lasting brands that contribute to pushing the culture forward. 


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Our client approach is a blend of creative mastery, client-centric commitment, strategic innovation, and measurable results. Anchored in creative excellence, we ensure your brand stands out and leaves a lasting impression. With transparent communication and active collaboration, we elevate your brand in alignment with your unique vision. Our strategic innovation propels us forward, crafting pioneering strategies in the evolving landscape. What sets us apart is our dedication to delivering measurable results, exceeding key performance indicators with transparent reporting and analysis. At Vertiq, we craft collaborative experiences that drive exceptional outcomes and celebrate the essence of each brand we work with.



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